There was especially one scene that was really important to me. The main character, an eleven old girl finally makes up with her mother with whom she has had a big fight. When I read the scene for the first time, it moved me so that I had to cry. Also this scene was a big emotional change in the whole story. While shooting I was nervous of course, it had to be good. But the actors had played the scene very well so editing it was great. All the right emotions were there. But the wrong kind of music could have totally screwed all that up. So yes, I was also nervous to add any music. So what can I say... the music with this particular scene is my most favorite score of Brian Clifton now. It's great and subtle. Just exactly spot on. Nowhere it 'pushes' the emotion but it is just there and it fits the emotions of the scene 'like a glove'. At the premiere the cinema was packed and especially with that scene I saw everybody sobbing. Don't want to work with any other composer ever since.

- director Janneke van Heesch