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Brian Clifton conducting

Brian Clifton is an Antwerp film composer with international recognition. As an autodidact and a multi-instrumentalist, for ages evolving the craft in Hollywood, he has contributed his revered talents and chameleon-like skills to a growing-body of feature film and telemovie soundtracks, and also across numerous tv-series, short films, musicals, theatre productions, commercials and game scores.

Brian's versatility allows him, even better, constantly seduces him to experiment with various styles and musical directions. At the same time, whenever he's permitted a free hand, some distinct features and characteristics all his own keep jumping out: mostly epic, still intimate, catchy melodic, rhythmic, and inherently an elegant blend of acoustic orchestration with electronics. For several directors and producers, this eclectic interplay means the appealing elevated value in the high-end realization of their projects.

What I like most about writing music for film is not only the exciting experience of what my music can do to a scene, but what film gives back to my music.

- Brian Clifton

Anker 1

Album available on


It's so back to basics, something I felt I needed to do just once after all my sometimes complex writing & orchestrating, that it is at moments pretty daring with single note experiments.

- Brian Clifton

Playlist: 1. The Promise Kept / 2. Holes In Black / 3. La Valseuse / 4. Bliss Carezza / 5. Mighty Sky Of Stars / 6. RatArt Epiloog / 7. eLLektra Prélude / 8. Cynthia's Pain / 9. SweetNight Escape / 10. Goodbye Max / 11. Aging Gracefully / 12. Night In Nidri

All music ℗ & © composed by Brian Clifton, 2022, Sabam/ASCAP (USA)
Score transcriptions & music preparation, mixing & mastering: Peter Knockaert
Featuring Rebecca Smit on violin & Tylaine Van den Broeck on piano
Including themes from feature films 'Bingo', 'Cruise Control', 'eLLektra' & 'Everything But A Man'

The Promise Kept.jpg

Brian recently came out of his ivory tower existence and emerged live with The Brian Clifton Set, following this 'back-to-basics-album' (as he calls it). Alongside Brian on keyboards, ukulele, percussion are the professionals Tylaine Van den Broeck on piano, Rebecca Smit on violin and Gaetan La Mela, the brilliant multi-percussionist.

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